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Hey guys. Is anyone still playing? I'd like to get back into the game, with a sub now that I have a job and a good computer, just wondering if the guild is still sizable at all?
RIP Bunny Silverlight a.k.a Kitty
Sweet Tal. Need some more active bodies.
downloading the new patch now, hoping to be back in game on a regular basis, hope I can catch some of you to do some runs and get back into things!
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I know I haven't been around much, but got news today that we lost a fellow Rover, Kitty. She was a very kind and sweethearted person who was always willing to help out and join any group, way too young to have passed. Even though she had left the game for some time she is and will always be a Rover, may she rest in peace and pray for her daughter and family through these tought times....

[AMB] Izabella Targaryn a She is missed! I was just roaming around the imperial side stronghold admiring her decorating skills.. She was an amazin...
[BR] Jamis Thank you, for posting the memorial on this site. Even thou swtor let her down. You Rovers never did she had lots of fun...
[OR] Pirana1 Indeed. Rest In Peace.

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